Mario Hats

My son is obsessed with Mario these days.
 He just had a birthday party so I decided to make all the kids matching hats.
It is difficult to find Mario anything, so everything was homemade.
I found my instructions here, but here are some from me...

I made 10 which took about 2 1/4 yards of red fleece,
(For less hats, I'd plan 1/2 yard for two)
and I bought 6" of white felt.
And matching thread of course.
I took a 12" bucket lid and another 4" lid to trace. 
First trace the large lid and cut out two (folding over the fabric works best).
Then cut a smaller hole in one of the two large circles of fleece.

Sew around the outer edge of the two 12" circles.
Then flip out, so the seam is on the inside.
Use the leftover corners to cut out two brim shaped pieces.
Sew them together along the outer curved edge.
Flip out, so the seam is on the inside.
Then  - sorry no picture - sew the short curved side of the brim to the smaller 4" opening on the hat, 
keeping the hat turned so the seam is on the inside.
 Use the leftover middle circle to cut out the M for the front of the hat.
And then cut out about a 2 inch circle of white felt.
Sew the M to the felt then the felt to the front of the hat.
And soon you'll have the finished product.
It took me roughly 5 hours to make 10, with breaks for lunch and such.


play food

I have an awesome sister-in-law who sent me this cute little lunch sack in the mail.
It's all made out of felt.
Isn't it so cute!
She has five kids, she's like Wonderwoman.

something new

Some friends of my put in a big order of these cute flowers that we made into earrings. I'm not sure where she ordered them from, but can find out if anyone is interested. They ended up being a dollar or less per pair. Then I just bought some earring backings from JoAnn's to make them into earrings.

Such an easy, inexpensive, CUTE project.
Don't spend 7 bucks a pair, here.

Then I was on a little earring kick and remembered that I had this pair that I liked, but didn't love
But I do love pearls.
So, from this...I made this.
And the best part is I could still use the first earrings if I wanted to.