an easy dress or skirt

Love this dress.
Wanna know how to make your own?
Above is an infant dress.

Here's how.

What you'll need:
-fabric for the desired size-you'll need double for the width at the chest (look at pattern).
-elastic thread -matching thread -buttons, ribbon or any kind of embellishment you want

Step 1: Measure your fabric, double width & desired length. Cut. *If you are making a long dress or skirt, you can just measure the chest x2 & the length just for the chest (so it will be like a tube top) and add the long dress or skirt part later on.

Step 2: Wind your bobbin, by hand, with the elastic thread.

Step 3: Load bobbin & use normal, matching thread on top.

Step 4: Set your stitch to a wide straight stitch. The wider the stitch, the more it will shrink.

Step 5: Start sewing straight stitch, about 1 1/2'' from the top, with the fabric right side up. Leave at least 2'' of thread at beginning & end. Back stitch at beginning & end.

Step 6: Repeat step 5 as many times as you want, about a 1/2'' below the first & in between each row. The dress above, has ten rows.

Step 7: Either at the end of each row, or at the end of sewing all the rows pull the ends tight to make the elastic shrink. You can also try steaming it with the iron.

Step 8: If you just did the chest part, now you can sew on the bottom part of your dress or skirt.

Step 9: Hem the bottom & top.

Step 10: Wrap it around you & make sure it fits.

Step 11: Bring together & sew seam up the back. If you want, you can leave a little slit in the back, for fun.

Step 12: Add straps, if it's a dress & any embellishments.
You did it!



  1. Great blog Mary!!! We'll definitely be checking in.

  2. I love these dresses! I think I will make one for myself to wear to the pool.

  3. Me too, only to wear to church! And the pool, if we ever get pool passes.