how do I cover up these ugly old pillows? or make new ones altogether!

It's so easy!
If you have an ugly old pillow, just need a change or want to make a new one altogether, you're in the right place.
I'll show you how to sew it to make it look just like those darn cute ones you've been so tempted to buy.

Read through the instructions before you start your project!
What you'll need:
2 different types of fabric-or just one, whatever you decide, you'll need to measure your pillow to determine how much fabric you'll need.
matching thread
a button, ribbon or both

Step 1: Cut out your fabric, according to the size you need to fit around your pillow (give an extra inch and a half to two inches around the edges). Cut it so it would wrap around your pillow the long way, so it would look like a long rectangle (look at the image below). If you are doing it so that on the front of your pillow you want half of each of the different fabrics showing (like mine), plan for that and cut accordingly.

Step 2: Take your main color fabric (or which ever fabric you want to be on the top of the front of the pillow) and hem the edge that you will attach to the main fabric. The one that would be right between both, on the image below. Sew straight stitch.

Step 3: Take some matching ribbon, about 3'' (or fabric, but you'll have to sew it tiny, like a short piece of ribbon) and if it's big, fold in half, so it's about the size of 1/4 inch, sew w/matching thread, so it holds together.

Step 4: This step is only if you are doing the button. This step will be tricky to explain (I wish I had pictures!). You are going to take that little piece of ribbon and sew it on the wrong side of the fabric you just hemmed, you're going to make a loop though (practice before you sew), small enough to hid behind your button, to look like it's looped over your button. If that sounded way confusing, enlarge my last picture and look closely.

Step 5: Lay out both fabrics like so:
Step 6: Lay both fabric so wrong sides are facing out and sew the accent fabric piece to the main piece, right on top, like the above picture. Zigzag stitch. With the button loop facing out, on the right side.

Step 7: Fold your material in half (like it would be if it were wrapped around the pillow), with the wrong sides of the fabric facing out.

Step 8: Sew the top together with a zigzag stitch.

Step 9: Turn it right side out.

Step 10: Sew on your button by hand, through the loop hole.

Step 11: Hem the sides that are still open.

Step 12: Sew one side shut, straight stitch.

Step 13: Squish the old pillow in side of it, so both sides would still be open. If it isn't as firm and full as you want it to be, just add some extra stuffing.

Step 14: If you have a zipper foot, put it on now. If not, you can still do it, it's just a bit tricky.
Sew the last side shut and voila!!!
You did it.

Now you can do it again, do two if you'd like.



  1. All of your ideas are so cute! I'm excited to see what else you do. I love to do crafts and projects but never have enough creativity to make up my own.

  2. Cute Mary! This is a great idea...and oh yes, I will be following all your great crafting ideas :)