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Well, I'm finally back in town.
It takes us a while to re-adjust & get everything in order, so I now I can get back to my regular-blogging, as I did before. I'll try my best!

So, this one is from the archives (not of this blog, but my private blog).

It's SO simple & if you're lucky-very inexpensive.

First off, I hate clutter (not saying my house is perfect by any means). Here in the Northeast, it is cold for most of the year & it seems like we have a lot of jackets & coats. They use to hang all over the place & it got really annoying. After a summer trip to Bear Lake in Utah, I was inspired by some very cute coat racks that had door knobs for the hooks, in our cabin.

We have an ugly old dresser that we use to store things in, but rarely open anymore. We also had some extra pieces of wood lying around. So I took the handles off the dresser & came up with my own little coat rack. I bought a foam stamp for $.99 at Micheal's for the design.
So easy.
It's nothing fancy, but practical.


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