I swear I'm doing something!

Life has been INSANE around here lately!
With school starting up again, traveling & the holiday weekend, it's been hard to find time to blog.
But no worries! I am working on something at the moment.

First of all, I am working on recovering these for a friend. I'll post a "how-to" as soon as I am finished, they should be super easy.
Over Labor day weekend, I hit up some garage sales & found a few great things. The winner of them all are these bowls, which I LOVE!
They were in their original box with a tag that said $48.00 & guess how much I paid? Three dollars. Love that. The colors are perfect for Fall. Maybe we'll have some warm chili, hot soup or a fruity dessert? Can't wait to use those!
Other things I am starting (or trying to finish):
  • Refurbishing a table (still trying to decide what to do with it).
  • Painting a coat rack-can't get enough.
  • Sewing a Trick-or-Treat bag for my not-so-baby-anymore boy.
  • Thinking of making a Halloween costume for the boy, but debating if I should just use one I already have??
  • Starting to sew a darn cute table runner for Christmas
  • Starting to make some cute Christmas tree ornaments that are kid friendly!
    It's never to early to prepare for the holidays is it?

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