Scrapbook Paper Decor

I needed to come up with something unique for my sister-in-laws baby shower. She's having a boy after having three girls and she's such a cute girl  couldn't stand the thought of regular party store decorations. So after scouring the internet I found some cute ideas made of scrapbook paper. 
It's fabulous because you can totally personalize the color/pattern scheme and it's relatively inexpensive.

Here's the LINK to the place I found the idea, then here's the LINK to the instructions per Mrs. Martha Stewart.

I started out with this banner. 
The key is to find two-sided scrapbook paper. 
Then I moved onto this wreath.

The banner: I punched holes in the top corners and strung it up on kite string.
The wreath: I followed the instructions on Martha Stewart's website  but found it a little hard to handle so I hot glued it to a thick piece of cardboard. Then I felt it looked unfinished so I cut out an L for the center. I printed it out on the largest font possible then cut that out, traced it to the back of the paper and used an X-acto knife to cut it out.

I really liked the results.