Tween Earings 101

I have been experimenting with Jewelry making lately and have found it pretty inexpensive to make my own.  I thought I'd let you all in on this one:)  First I found the flat ear wires, then I got a bag of small rings (it looks just like the one above only for rings) They were about $1.50 for like 30.  You will only need two small sets of needle nose pliers to pull the small metal rings open & closed. They make it really simple to make jewelry.

 Then I found some "charms" at Hobby lobby like these ones, the things in the middle are actually tiny fake candy for a mini Christmas tree but I thought they could be cute candy earrings for my girls to give out this holiday season, I also found tiny bells that worked well.  Of course being at my favorite store "Hobby Lobby" I waited until these products were all 50% off.  Which is almost every other week.

So all you do is open one of the tiny rings with your pliers (one in each hand pulling opposite directions) put on your charm and your earring, close it back up and whalla you have a new pair of earrings. They would of cost you at least $5 a pair at Claire's. 
HB even had these professional earring holders 10 for $2.99 (not on sale)
When I did the math - with the sales, it only cost me less than $1.25 per pair of earrings.  Wow! Please don't tell anyone, I want this to be our little secret:) Now go out and make some gifts!

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