baby love

It seems that I am always busy thinking of or working on some sort of baby project. Sooo many of my friends & family are always having babies!!

But, I love it because baby projects are super easy & you usually get quick results!

My latest thing, when making baby gifts, is giving all the girl babies a little tutu. Who doesn't love a baby in a tutu? Really, it's for pictures sake.
One of my good friends, her daughter is two & has to wear her tutu everywhere, how cute is that!

Anyway, since so many of my friends have been asking me how I make them, I think they will be surprised by how EASY they really are. Here is the easiest little tutorial ever.
A month ago we made this one for my adorable niece, planning on using it in her little photo shoot, but of course, we left it behind! This was the only picture we got.
Get a piece of elastic (like 90 cents at Walmart, so cheap!) & cut the waist size you'll need. By hand, sew the ends together.

For really little babies, like under a year old I only use about 1 1/2 yards of the softest tulle.
I fold it, and fold it and fold it....until it's really skinny & then cut about 2'' wide for each strip. That is an easy & fast way to get long strips. For an alternative way to cut fast short strips go here.
I like the messy look, so I either will take one long strip & cut it in half or cut it in thirds. That way I will have two different lengths all throughout the tutu. After cutting it into the half or third, I double up tying two pieces into a slip knot around the elastic.Like so.Continue doing that all the way around, until you get a nice thick tutu & you can't see the elastic band any more! If you like seeing the knots leave it how it is, or you can turn the tutu inside out to hide the knots. Either way it's cute. If you need to trim you can too. You can also do alternating colors or whatever! They are SO cute & SO easy & SOOO inexpensive. One tutu costs less than $3 dollars to make, even less if you buy the tulle with a coupon! (I love coupons!)

This is now a standard item that you'll get from me, if you have a baby girl!

Here are just a few pictures of the most recent ones I made.
This one I also made a blanket & burp cloth with. The burp cloth is great, because one full side is lined with terrycloth.

And not to leave little boys out, one in particular. I hope my sister doesn't see my blog just yet, because this is still in the mail on it's way to her. I made this great, minky love quilt, for my new, adorable nephew, Oliver!

The best part with these little baby gifts was that I used all the fabric I already had. No trips to the store for me!
That never happens.


  1. The little boy blankie is sooo cute! I like your style. Thanks for posting ideas!

  2. so cute! I've been meaning to make a tutu for jocelyn for a while now. Good idea on how to cute the strips!

  3. So cute Mary! I love the purple tutu. I also love that minky blanket you made. Man, how do you have time for so much sewing??? It's been almost a year since we moved to Maryland and I still haven't gotten around to sewing the pillows for my stinkin' couches!!!