In the past few months I've thrown, or helped throw, baby showers. As I have mentioned before, sooooo many of my friends are popping out babies left & right. It seems like there are always baby showers happening around here. I really enjoy planning & throwing shin-digs. I would love to be a wedding/party planner! Though, I will probably never do it.

Anyway, one thing I especially am crazy about with parties lately is party favors. I think they are so much fun & super cute! There are SO MANY GREAT ideas out there. If only mister toddler man was a tad older, then I could really get into the (kid) party scene. And once we are out of this small apt (7 months till graduation!) & possibly move into a place a bit bigger, we are definitely throwing more parties & get-togethers.

I just thought I'd share some cute little favors I have done recently, that were pretty easy & very cute.

This one I did a few months ago. Pretzel rods, dipped in caramel & then in chocolate, topped either white, purple or chocolate drizzles. These make such a cute treat & really aren't very hard.
If you leave out the caramel, they are a lot easier.In the past month I've helped throw two baby showers, both for baby girls.
I think this one was my favorite, although, both turned out so cute & so delicious!

First, I made Oreo Bonbons...
Real quick, here is the easy-peasy recipe:

1 pkg of Oreo's
1 8oz pkg cream cheese
Almond bark or dipping chocolate

In a food processor (or something of that sort) grind up the Oreo's until they are powdery. Add cream cheese that is at room temp. Throw it in your mixer & it mixes into a thick paste. Roll into small balls, chill in fridge for a few minutes. Melt chocolate & dip balls in & top with a drizzle or sprinkles or nuts. Store in air tight container in fridge. SO easy & they look so great, don't they?
Warning: these are so so so so so delicious, you'll have to control yourself. If you aren't careful you might eat at least 12 before you know it.
I got these cute boxes & they turned out to be a bit bigger then I planned so I just added some yummy scotcharoos!
I included a cute purple tutu in the gift & had some left over tulle, which is much cheaper than buying ribbon. So I just doubled that around the boxes. I love the way they turned out.

For this next one, it was for a second baby & we wanted to have it themed on more of a Fall theme. OOoh it was so yummy. We served apple pie, pumpkin cheese cake & my yummy choco. caramel cheese cake, spinich dipp, a veggie tray, pumpkin bread & hot apple cider. It was a hit! A few nights before myself & the other hostess put together these cute caramel popcorn baggies.
They were so soft & yummy. My friend who helped me with them, is a great photographer (as you can tell by the pictures, which I got from her) & she also designed the cute label on top. We were a bit worried we'd run out, so we also did rice crispy ones.

Theses are only a few ideas, but there are so many great ideas out there.
I love trying new things & look forward to my next party!

In case you are interested, here is a great site for all sorts of fun party ideas.

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