sweet halloween tree

Oh, I am loving these Halloween projects. They are super cheap & easy!
I just made this one over the last couple of days.

Here is my little Halloween tree & I love it!

I spent about $3 dollars on this.

However, I got lucky.

After days & days of pouring rain, the hubs ventured out, fully dressed in suit & tie, into our forest of a backyard to trudge through the mud & find me a branch. Now, that is true love.

Anyway, I already had a pot & styrofoam. And my awesome mother-in-law is the queen bee when it comes to fabrics, so I asked her to send me over some Halloween scraps that I knew she'd have.

All I had to buy was a roll of twine (anything similar would work) & black spray paint (for the branch & pot). The only thing I did differently was instead of using rocks, I used that fake moss stuff (that I actually ripped off an old project I had lying around).

For the full tutorial, go HERE!

The baggies are meant to be treat bags, but mine are actually empty. Maybe in the future we'll put some yummy treats in them for a little party or something.

If you take a look around in the blogging world & on Martha Stewart.com you can find all sorts of cute ornament ideas for this tree.

Happy Halloween Decorating!!! Scrapblog,Scrapbook,Ethereality

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