my new valances

A little story about our curtains.
One thing I love (and hate) about our apartment is that there are a lot of windows. Window treatments are not always cheap either. Our living room has three smaller sized windows. There were these UGLY sheer flowery curtains on them for a little while, that were left behind from the previous renters. And then with those great gift cards from our wedding we bought some roman shades. So, then my mom came to town & thought they needed something more, which was true. She kindly bought some brown, sheer-drapey-valance-type-curtains (obviously, I'm not sure what they were called) & they have been great.

Well, as many of you know, I go through phases where I just need a change. So, over this past weekend we had a very busy Saturday, but I was home for about 5 hours or so just working on projects & such. I had been nagging on the hubs on what I should do about my curtains, because I wanted them changed or fixed soon! Then we both thought I should just make some...duh, why didn't I think of this sooner?

So, I browsed through my stock pile of fabrics & found the perfect one. I only had one yard & it just happened to be the perfect amount. I was so happy with the turn out!

Here is a short tutorial on how to make them, they were VERY easy.
I'm telling you, I had a little over 3 hours to make all 3 valances, from start to finish.

First, cut the amount you will need to fit your window. And if it's a thin fabric, use some muslin (very inexpensive cream fabric) or something similar to back it with.

Now I wanted to slip mine onto the rods I already had, so I cut an extra piece of the backing fabric-the width by about 2''. And then I sewed it onto the backing piece of fabric, sewing 1 1/2" apart, to leave room for the rod to slip through. If you look closely you can see where I sewed that strip on, on the backing fabric.
Next face the two pieces of fabric right sides together (so the backing with the strip are facing the patterned side of your main piece of fabric).
Pin the fabric all around, except for the top.
Make sure the strip of fabric is towards the top of your curtain.
Sew the bottom part together first with a zigzag stitch, then the sides-without sewing over the ends of the strips. You don't want to sew off those ends, or else the rod wouldn't be able to go through.

Flip it inside out & iron.

Fold the tops inside & sew a straight stitch, to close the valance.

And then continue to sew a straight stitch a 1/4" all the way around the edge of the valance.
Slip the rod into the back of the valance & Viola!
Super easy!

These pictures aren't the best, but you get the idea.
We love them. I feel like the room is finally starting to come together.

I have been making several small changes in our living room, that I will be posting about shortly!

As you can tell, the valances stick out about 3" from the wall & wrap around on the sides, because of the rods.

I feel like it gives it a clean, crisp look and helps our small space not feel so cluttered.

I also have some great (ridiculous) before pictures to post soon, that are of our place right after we moved in...blah. It's fun to see all the improvements.

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