and another car seat cover

I feel like the more and more I make these the better they get. I look back to my very first one, (at the very beginning of this blog). It was pretty much my first sewing project ever. And, it was cute, but I can just tell that things have slightly improved.

This is the first one I made for a boy baby. It was tough finding a cute fabric, because they are always covered in sports, animals, trucks...etc-that stuff is fun, but sometimes it's just nice to have something cute without all the boy crazy patterns.

After doing a lot of hunting, I ended up just returning to JoAnn's & finally found this treasure. I really love the fabric.

I was trying to think of a way to do the handles that wasn't just like all the other ones out there. I mean, like the girl ones have bows, buttons & flowers. So I just wanted to come up with something different that was boyish. I ended up using the a D-ring, which is waaaay easier than the girly stuff.

The next thing I thought of doing was this brilliant idea!
I can't take credit, because I saw it on a friends car seat cover. With the extra fabric (which really isn't a lot) I made a strap & added suspender hooks. This way the cover can double for a nursing cover. I know most breastfeeding-women usually get one that is exclusively for nursing, but sometimes it gets annoying carrying everything all over with you in that big, bulky diaper bag. Instead just carry the strap & leave the extra "blanket" at home.

I was pleased with the turn out.
Baby projects are the best, because they are cute & you get fast results.

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