Grandma and Gramdpa Valentines idea

 I hope my mom doesn't read this.  This year the kids and I decided it would be nice to give our grandparents something this Valentines day.  I was especially thinking of Great Grandparents,  I'm sure life can get pretty dull when your getting up there in the years, and it's hard for the posterity to always remember them. Sad I know, but true, life is busy.  Well hopefully this will help them have a great day.

Letters are all the rage this year.  It's pretty obvious how to make this, I let the kids decorate large letters, got the pictures in B & W so they would all flow together.  Stuck them on some coordinating paper, punched holes in the sides to tie the ribbon.  I wanted something we could mail if we needed to that wouldn't require a lot of extra postage, and this is what I came up with.   The kids are going to personalize them this week at FHE with a little valentine note on the back.  I hope they like their gift of love.


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