Valentines Wreath

I hate paying a fortune for a wreath that will adorn my door for only about a month. So, this year I decided to create my own. I saw one similar to this that gave me the idea, I just can't remember where I saw it! (or I would credit them, sorry to whomever you are.)
I started with what you see above, I got it all from my favorite store in the world Hobby Lobby.
The first thing I did was mod podge all the hearts with valentine paper. Then covered the tops with mod podge for weathering purposes. I then painted some of the letters of "Love" black and put paper on a few for a contrast. I also outlined everything with a silver paint, just to tie it all together.
I choose this wreath because it was only 3.99 cheap! But it was messy, so I hot glued ribbon all around it. I then sprayed everything with glitter spray, let dry and hot glued this baby together.
I added some ribbon and this is the final product. The total price for this wreath..... about $14 (I already had mod podge and glitter spray) My door is quite large, if you have a smaller door it would be cheaper to make a slightly smaller one, probably even cuter.


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