the headboard

The last few weeks I've been working on sprucing up the decor in our bedroom, pretty much re-doing everything. I liked it just fine before, but it was time for a change & it desperately needed some COLOR.

Here is the before picture:
As you can see we never had a headboard.
Notice the lamp?

I decided we needed a headboard & I came up with this.

All I did was get the size of board I wanted, stapled a few layers of cardboard onto the wood (to give it a little extra padding, but isn't necessary) wrapped it with foam (I used an egg carton foam pad the hubs used in college) with the egg part facing the wood, I stapled it on the backside with a staple gun. Then I found some dark brown (color???) suede fabric on clearance at JoAnn's ($6) & wrapped that around the board on top of the foam and stapled it to the wood (pulling it tight!).

Definitely gives it a little extra...but needed more.
I found my bit of inspiration in the Pottery Barn Magazine
(sign up, they mail them for free, a great place to get great ideas!)

Last night, with the help of the hubs, this is what we did.

We bought this inexpensive
from Home Depot.

We measured it & cut it with a jigsaw into the sizes we needed.

I also picked up some crown molding pieces from HD to frame the headboard.

Here he is stapling the Eucaboard onto the frame.
We love the staple gun, can you tell?

From the front.
Then he used the drill & screwed the Eucaboard into the back of our headboard to attach it.It's as simple as that!

You just want to be sure that the frame is lined up & pushed close into the fabric. You'll want to hold it up to look at it every now & then.

For the corners, I decided to use these squares you can get at HD too.
You could also do diagonal corners, that would look fabulous! You just have to get it cut perfectly.

Here is the finished headboard:
Love it.
This little bit only cost $20.00 & gives it a professional look.
It makes such a huge difference in a room.

Notice the yellow walls?
Just wait for the big unveiling of the entire bedroom makeover!!!!
Stay tuned.


  1. It turned out very cute! I'm always impressed. I like the idea.

  2. This turned out so cool! I might have to steal this one!!!

  3. that is so cute I keep wanting to get a new bed cause I hate that there isnt anything there, its just on box springs,frame,and mattress, its horrible I totally want to use your idea, but I am wondering, how do you get it to stay up on the wall? What is holding it up behind the bed? I LOVE the whole room makeover and the good deals, I am a students wife and def lookin for the good deals. LOVE your blog!