t.v. stand makeover

I LOVE paint!
Slap some paint on anything & it makes all the difference.
I wish I would have learned this sooner, I would have painted all the rooms in our apartment when we moved in. Now, we're only going to be here for less than a year, so it would be a waste to go & paint all the rooms. But I can paint all my furniture! (or most of it).

Our living room is set up really weird (because of the front door & fireplace...we're in the upstairs of a house) & the best way to have our couch & t.v. situated in there is to have a corner t.v. stand. We found one for free on free cycle (check to see if there is one in your area, it's the best!) & I finally got around to painting it.
It looks a MILLION times better.

This was the best "before" picture I had of it.
I always forget to take a good before picture. Here it is!
Two layers of paint & new handles did the trick!
I love how it turned out.
It really ties my brown couch & newly upholstered black chair into the browns & blacks in the area rug we have.
We want to add a door over the middle part, because it was missing when we got it & our toddler loves to push all the buttons. We're either going to get a wood or maybe a glass one...we'll see.
I'm feeling better about our "free" living room, things are starting to come together.

Do you have any good painting projects lately?
Please share!


  1. I love it, so so cute! Way to turn out another great project!

  2. That turned out great! I think I may try to paint some furniture as well..thanks for the inspiration.