want to grow something lovely, easy, useful & most importantly SO cute?

You've probably got everything you need for this fun project sitting around your house.

Now, lets grow some wheat grass.

First you want to buy some unpolished wheat, if you don't already have some. I picked mine up at the Whole Foods grocery store. You can also use some wheat from food storage, just make sure it isn't too old.

Sometimes it helps to soak the wheat over night in a clean container of water.

Get the cute bowl, vase, jar or pottery you want & go dig up some dirt from your backyard.
Fill up your containers & moisten the soil a bit.

Spread a layer of wheat berries on top of the soil, completely covering the dirt.

Sprinkle a thin layer of soil on top of the wheat berries.

Give it a little water.

Cover your container with newspaper, each day spray a little water on it, until they start to sprout, like in the picture. Once they've sprouted you can take the newspaper off & let it get some sun.
You don't need to sit it directly in the sun, just in a room that gets some sun.

And in 5-7 days you will have some lovely blades of wheat grass.
Water it daily, but not with too much water.

Once your grass is 7-8 inches tall give it a little trim about 1/2 inch from the soil & let it grow again, watering daily.

With the clippings you can juice it, cook with it, or chuck it & just have your wheat grass as some fun decoration.
Isn't it cute?
This is a great activity for young children, because you get results relatively soon & it's so fun for them to water it & watch it grow.

Here I used a jar, a square bowl I had (I lined it with a plastic bag & trimmed down the bag) & found those two round vases at Good Will for $1.00.

Total for project: $3.oo
(for the small vases & wheat)

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  1. I used this idea in some cute pots I found 60% at Roberts Crafts.

    SUCH a cute decoration! I tried some soaked in water first and some without, and soaking them first definitely worked a lot better!

    Thanks for the fun blog, Mary!