slowly making changes

For some reason when it comes to decorating my son's room I am SO SLOW.
It might be because he is a boy & there isn't a ton to choose from for boys stuff, but even then I don't know what I really like. I'm slowly learning what I like. Most of the things I do like, I can't really afford, so I have to improvise & do something a little different.

It took me a year to finish his bed skirt & I am now just getting more wall hangings up.
I love the boy, but sometimes I feel like when I have a girl, I'll be a little more on top of these things! (Oh, did I mention I'm already working on a baby girl quilt...and no I am not pregnant, I'm just getting ahead of myself!)

So here are just a few little things.
I did make these letter blocks before he was born, the one thing! Wahoo. They are super easy. I may post a tutorial in the future if anyone is interested.

How I love to paint (simple things!)
Have you ever heard of wordle.net? Check it out.
That's where I came up with this little word mess on his wall.

I saw these cute wall hangings at target for $13.00 each & I though I can do that!
So I did.
For about $8 for both.
I may do two more???
So, I finally did something to the boy's room.

I actually am working on painting a chair & book shelf in the room...we'll see how that goes!